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Mr. Brian McMahon, VP Kensington Island Properties (a partnership with Jim Youngren), intentionally misleads those who expect honest communication when providing answers relating to the project slated for Union Bay.

It’s pretty obvious Brian McMahon, VP (and partner with Jim Youngren), is not suited to deal honestly with the community of Union Bay and appears to think it’s comical to mislead and incite hatred between the residents.

This guy has been a problem every step of the way since arriving in Union Bay.  The decision to support or reject KIP was left solely to the people of Union Bay in March 2006.  After the hearings in March 2006 where Bob Long insisted Langley Lake would not even be considered, KIP was given 22 conditions and the water source was to be Van West Lakes.  Turns out he was shocked to hear the announcement of another water source as he had always wanted Langley Lake.  Funny, he never opened his mouth at the meeting when he was so shocked.

In October 2006 he encouraged landowners to vote YES in the Municipality Referendum while he was a member of that great group the Fake Union Bay Residents’ Association who had secretly decided if the outcome of the vote was Yes, Langley Lake would be the water source.  This just months after the public hearings where the support for KIP was based on the promises at those very hearings regarding the water source.

McMahon did not want any other source than our lake and managed to get the Regional District to change the source to Langley Lake.  This illegal act was challenged by the Baynes Sounds Area Society for  Sustainability  when The Regional District changed the source and this was confirmed by the judge’s decision in favour of BSASS.

The Regional District didn’t have grounds to appeal so they held new hearings in December 2009 and allowed input from anyone in the world to decide if the community supported this development.  Companies, contractors, individuals from anywhere had a say in the future of Union Bay.

In 2011, Mr. McMahon engaged in negotiations with his buddies who locked out the landowners and put together the now expired Water Infrastructure Agreement.  Because he surrounds himself with the cream of the hillbilly crop who hang on his every word he is frustrated the present Board has hired a professional negotiator and Mr. McMahon’s bullshitting ways will have to be parked at the door.

Mr. McMahon insists he has an agreement and yet states he’s willing to amend the agreement but doesn’t view amending as opening/re-negotiating the agreement.

Mr. McMahon disputes Mr. Cherry’s knowledge from VIHA stating an aquifer cannot be used by KIP to distribute water to any homes built on KIP’s land.

What we have seen in the past is what we will face every step of the way with this developer.  He is unwilling to comply with existing rules and regulations and likes to threaten legal action.  Is this what we want in Union Bay?  How many meetings has it been suggested to sue the District, the Trustees and private citizens so Brian McMahon can have his way?  Mr. Brian McMahon is detrimental to the community of Union Bay.