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Skip ahead to 23:40 (Trustee reading questions submitted to UBID prior to the meeting) for an answer regarding getting KIP to clean the peat in Langley Lake.  Gosh, the two guys who negotiated the deal with KIP didn’t bring up the very thing mentioned at this Union Bay Improvement District Meeting.  The meeting was in November 2010 and they negotiated the WIA a few months later (while they locked out the electorate).   What the hell did they ask for?  

At 35:00 an incident is relayed between our water guys and a RD employee (“doing, god knows what”).  I don’t buy the story and a landowner asked if they had followed up and was told “We will be.”  Well, did they?  More bull.

You couldn’t make this stuff up.  🙂

There is gold in some of these Union Bay Improvement District Meeting Videos.

ANSWER:  “A standard fire hydrant.  Believe it or not.” 53:00 mark.

Isn’t that wonderful?