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Union Bay Improvement District Annual General Meeting April 2, 2016

If any paper had covered the election people would have been able to collect a picture of the developer sitting the entire Annual General Meeting side by side with his two candidates.  It’s burned into my memory and I pointed it out to a number of people as they arrived.

NOTE:  Proceed to 21:30 in Part One for the candidates speeches.

So in part four the speaker from VIHA states “a pretty decent site” and gets a question quoting him as saying “fairly decent” and goes on to ask if VIHA gives approval for “fairly decent or do you give approval for appropriate land”?

In Part Four Mr. KIP speaks at 21:00 – hilarious.  Now the money has been in trust since they were denied an extension to the expired Water Infrastructure Agreement in 2014.  In July 2011 Mr. KIP stated the components for the water filtration system were sitting in Langley.  What happened to the 3 sections in Langley that would be barged over to Union Bay?

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