How Kip’s candidates (Kiplets) could distribute the letter below after both of them attending the Union Bay Improvement District Monthly Meeting Mar. 16, 2016, is a good indicator of what they view as putting the “trust” back in Trustee.

The Chair answered specifically (when one of the Kiplets brought the meeting to a complete halt) advising the Kiplet that Mr. Mattison is a facilitator and the purchase of the land for the permanent Water Treatment Facility has zero to do with Mr. Mattison.  The Chair is like a surgeon when she responds to the negative remarks from the Kiplets  about the purchase of the land for the permanent treatment plant.   Kip’s own Focus report concluded favourably on that very piece of land in 2006.

The Kiplets have noted in their Mar. 22, 2016 distributed page:

It is important to note here that the filtration plants and the accompanied 1.3 million dollars in upgrades provided by KIP, is not free or a gift (since people have twisted these words we will explain)  It does however represent what amounts to an interest free loan for us the landowners.  KIP gets reimbursed by retaining the CEC credits until they recover their investment, this means that you, the landowners do not have to pay this money up front.


body of confict of interest evidence 5Like good little Kiplets they believe only what is provided by Kensington Island Properties.

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