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Union Bay Improvement District Inaugural Meeting April 13, 2016

The Kiplets taking oath…………hmmmmmm how’s that going to work?

A statement made by the Chair regarding 2 incidents from the Annual General Meeting.

 These people are going to have to speak up.  I have the volume set to max in order to hear what’s being said.

Go to 1:12 and watch Trustee Webb help out the newbie.  Nice guy.

Incident about the Fire Chief: it continues until a Trustee puts the landowner in his place telling him to come to meetings to ask questions such as those put forth.  This is the same guy who called me a stupid bitch at the March 14, 2016 KIP meeting and can be heard on the audio heckling Paul Bahl who was asking a question.

At  you can hear a female state:  “you renewed his contract”.  This is the person (supposedly a firesenior) who has always assumed the role of official spokesperson for the Union Bay Fire Department.  What a lousy public statement to make about your Chief.


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