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Answer to What Developers Pay for South Sewer Project

The answer seems to be there is no plan at present for any developer to contribute to the South Sewer Project in order to reduce the cost to those in Phase 1.

may be dcc in developers pay south sewer project Voila_Capture 2016-6-18_11-29-9_am

“DCC’s are collected and reserved so that when the cumulative effect on growth requires expansion of the treatment plant funds are available to expand the facility at no cost to existing users.”

Well, why would the existing users pay to expand the facility for new users – of course there should be no cost to existing users.  It appears as though the DCC’s would benefit those in the subsequent Phases with the Phase 1 landowners paying for the initial infrastructure.

“The cost of initial construction can also sometimes be included in DCC calculations so that future users help pay for initial project construction.”

Also, sometimes we get answers that provide no information.

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