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Since theunionbaycommunity.com site is down more than it’s up these days maybe KIP is running out of money and needed someone to volunteer to host a website for (snicker) news and announcements.  Has to be someone too stupid to ask questions and it appears there has been a perfect match.

Where to begin?

Who is claiming to represent 66% of the community based on a misleading petition which failed to mention good ole KIP Costanza would own the water treatment facility located on KIP’s land?

Who’s the goof who asks the questions and who’s the “we”?

Their question to McMahon:  “Tell me what you have offered and have you ever put that in writing to the UBID Board?”  The question should have been:  Mr. McMahon, have you ever put in writing an offer of land to accommodate a permanent water filtration system at McLeod Rd and Musgrave Rd to the Union Bay Improvement District Board of Trustees?

Peter Jacques from below:  “This in view of the fact that we had already been given an offer of land for the new system at no cost to the landholders,………”  Wait a second there Peter, have you forgotten your answer to the question about this so called piece of land?  Here, I’ll refresh your failing memory with the link below that starts at the question:  https://youtu.be/eifXjynt1R4?t=7m38s

Peter Jacques May 18, 2016 responding to question specifically regarding the piece of land:  “This is just a verbal observation, okay.  We haven’t had any meetings to sit down and talk about this yet.”  Well, that answers a couple of questions doesn’t it?  Obviously, there has never been anything in writing from KIP regarding a piece of land for the permanent water treatment facility, and it appears no one knows exactly where this piece of land is.

160 feet elevation difference doesn’t seem to be attractive to the KIPLETS as they prefer something costlier using holding tanks and pumps to compensate for the inadequate water pressure.  Great, let’s not use nature, instead we can invest in a line of pumps forever.

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This had to be put together by a “challenged” person.  Jesus Christ – get the fucking dates right – at least.  If you’re going to quote someone – get it right FFS.  How fucking stupid can you be after recording the June meeting and put out this bullshit.  Prove to me where the Chair stated:  “that the Board did not consider a Trustee as a worthy negotiator and therefore appointed the Administrator to negotiate on their behalf.”  And this bullshit:  “….the Chair stated that when an agreement is reached, Mr. Kelleher will be asked to review the document before approval”.  Where are they getting this fucking information?  This did not happen and these tools have no idea what the words accurate, honest, etc. mean.

Here is the exact quote from the Chair at the June 15, 2016 meeting.  https://youtu.be/3kaOGnyp3Ho?t=16m21s   How stupid are these people who can’t even provide accurate quotes from their own video?  Plus, no matter how many times the Chair explains facilitator they still want to use negotiator.  The facilitator requested McMahon and UBID Admin to meet with him.  Mr. Kelliher is the negotiator hired to represent UBID negotiating (if/when?) a new water deal with Kensington Island Properties.

Regarding the Platinum standard the KIPLETS are so concerned about.  News Flash:  There is no gold standard anymore – it’s platinum only.

Regarding the 125% the KIPLETS are so concerned about.  Check out Saratoga Beach development on the CVRD website.  Why are the KIPLETS worried about KIP Constanza’s costs?  Why do they want us to settle for sub standard practices?

“Despite the fact that Kensington had provided a letter stating that, in addition to the 4 acres designated for a new fire hall, they were prepared to donate 4 acres of land at the top of McLeod Road for a future water treatment facility, if the District agreed to allow KIP to install the Water Treatment plant and infrastructure as outlined in the previous agreement.”  Where is this letter and when was it submitted to the Board?

Whoever wrote the crap below – don’t give up your day job, you fucking inaccurate, dishonest, untrustworthy, hillbilly moron(s).   🙂

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