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From March 2016 meeting hosted by Kensington Island Properties

KIP claims the expired agreement gives ownership of the Temporary Water Treatment Facility to UBID.

KIP admits the expired agreement does not give ownership to UBID but states:  “….that’s one of the amendments that can be made to that agreement, if.. if it makes  everybody feel a little bit better….” and  “we will transfer title to you if that’s what you want.”  “…let’s get the lawyers together.”

How can amendments be made to the expired agreement if KIP claims it has an agreement as indicated in the clip from the same March 2016 meeting?

Constantly claiming to want to negotiate and yet doing everything to avoid it which is revealed by KIP in this complete fabrication of events from the March 2016 meeting.  Read the Administrator’s minutes to compare with this fabrication.

KIP claims they’re going ahead this year.

In the documents below Professional Negotiator Mr. Kelliher  has very harsh words describing the meeting with KIP.  The following excerpt is from page 3.

“Post-meeting feedback provided by Mr. Kelliher:

The fundamental position being taken by McMahon is that unless UBID complies with the demand of an extension to the expired Water Infrastructure Agreement he will take steps on the basis of UBID’s default position on its lease to prevent UBID from functioning as a water utility.  It is clear that while the Developer purported to be engaged in good faith negotiations toward a new agreement, they only came to see what could be made of their threat.  These were not good faith negotiations on their part.  In respect to their engineering review of UBID’s proposed agreement, there is no evidence of their having conducted such a review and given their sole position I doubt very much that anything of that nature was done.

Recommendations to the UBID Trustees:

  1. UBID should commence with whatever preparations are deemed necessary to expropriate all or a portion of the leased lands at 451 McLeod Road if the Developer takes any further action respective to its land lease with UBID.
  2. The summary notes of this meeting, or whatever information and/or details are deemed appropriate, should be shared with Minister Peter Fassbender during UBID’s upcoming meeting with him and his staff on December 14th, particularly in an effort to garner his support to extradite any expropriation action UBID is required to take.”


Dec 2015 minutes of negotiation meeting memorandumDec 2015 minutes of negotiation meeting memorandum 1Dec 2015 minutes of negotiation meeting memorandum 2

kip and his commitment Voila_Capture 2016-8-20_06-15-36_pm

From the above:  “For those people who are concerned about the proximity to the highway and the power lines — we would never burn there.”

“Before we do anything you have my commitment that we will let you know how and when we will dispose of the debris before we do it.”

Community Questions for Brian McMahon and KIP-3-1 Community Questions for Brian McMahon and KIP-3-2Community Questions for Brian McMahon and KIP-3-3

mcmahon budgeted coal hills Voila_Capture 2016-8-20_06-57-17_pm

McMahon quoted from above concerning the coal hill area:  “It’s going to cost a lot of money and we’ve budgeted for it,” McMahon said.




He said the UBID had some conditions.

“Basically, it’s to put all of the upgrades onto a permanent facility that they would own, McMahon said.”

Why is that unacceptable?

kip bullshit apr 22 2015

Read KIP’s lawyer response under Ownership as to the ownership of the Temporary Treatment Facility.  Under Location, read the criticism about UBID not having a permanent location.  So what’s the objection now?

Which lie do we believe?

bullshit kip june 30 2015 crying the blues

July 20 2011 board meeting with kipkip union bay community websiteVoila_Capture 2016-3-29_12-5-54_pm copy

KIP ready to proceed promptly-1 KIP ready to proceed promptly-2

KIP would pay 100% cropped Voila_Capture 2016-3-12_05-14-2_pm copy


Sign of progress sept 26 2007

Kensington Coastal Point Q and A

The following clip is from Sept. 12, 2015.  KIP waited till the end of the meeting to make any comment and this is what was offered:

kip full page ad jan 13 2006 copy

wledwood submits revised proposal021

godfrey supporting kip

ubid submission kip pg 1ubid submission kip pg 2

No answers yet for Union Bay sewage treatment aug 14 2008mcmahon water has to have sewer Voila_Capture 2016-6-17_01-6-19_pm




kip offer to upgrade water june 12, 2015 the Echo Voila_Capture 2016-4-4_06-51-14_pm copy

from the above article.  “It’s a costly venture and it wasn’t part of the agreement.  But we said we would do that because it needs to be done.”

mcmahon government timelines kip will replace aging pipes june-2015 copy