66% where is my free stuffFor some comic relief I offer this from the website administered by Lone Jednorog (who refuses to answer emails sent directly to her email address or on the comments section of her website).  Lone Jednorog fails to disclose who authors the fabrications posted on her website.

OOOOHHHH beware the boogeyman………

stupidity never ends Voila_Capture 2016-8-16_04-40-41_pm

Mental midgets.  You’d think if someone is telling you to do your own homework, they would offer something to support their fears.  What misinformation and untruths?  They prefer to believe what is spoken rather than what has been signed by this sleazy developer.

Who is writing this shit? Who is the  “I”  in  “I repeat,”?  Is it the Saviour Of Union Bay?  Who else could say this with such authority?  If it’s not KIP then it must be a landowner authorized to speak on KIP’s behalf.  It’s too bad they’re cowards and won’t reveal themselves and yet preach what you should and should not believe.


I’d really like to hear anyone claim KIP wants to own our water.  KIP wants to CONTROL our water.

Here’s the mission statement:the union bay goofs mission

“We” who is that?  Ya, kinda like the statement from one of the candidates:  “Let’s make Union Bay the Community it always was.”  Catchy.

If you would like to visit Jednorog’s website, click on this https://unionbaygoofs.wordpress.com and on the right hand side click the link of Lone Jednorog’s website.  Enjoy!