Kensington Island Properties Claim to Have Spent $10 Million So Far!

Wow.  What the hell has KIP done that cost $10 Million?

The one thing KIP got right.  Turning our services over to the CVRD is not something that will happen quickly.   Claims it’s bad news for KIP is stupid.  How would this slow or prevent this developer from proceeding once a new water agreement is reached.  That’s the only thing KIP claims is preventing the development from proceeding – a water agreement which KIP claims (the expired 2010) is still in effect.

“When the three trustees quit, they said they quit because I wouldn’t sign the agreement. They’ve left the community in a lurch. They’ve bailed on a whim, and blamed me for it.”

Why didn’t the reporter ask him why he didn’t sign the Memorandum of Understanding?   After whining to Minister Fassbenders office who appointed a facilitator who got KIP and UBID to agree to the Memorandum of Understanding, KIP turned around and made a mockery of that appointment and pulled a dirty back door deal with his flunkies – the KIPLETS.

Blame can be placed firmly at the feet of this sleazy developer.  Who else is fucking the community?

kip crap aug 31 2016 Voila_Capture 2016-9-4_11-4-45_am

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  1. Mary:

    The only spending I can think of for anywhere near $10million is the raw land itself. I can’t see any visible improvements. The other factor which has not received much publicity is sewers. You can’t sell developed lots without providing water and sewers. Even if a sewer system project got started next week it would take five years to complete.



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