This video of the Special Landowners Update Meeting from November 2010 has some very interesting sections.  This is what the landowners were told by those holding elected positions/purse strings regarding Kensington Island Properties, Fire Chief, Fire Hall, etc.  Lots of info and I know how lazy you all are so I’ve pointed out some highlights.  Interesting to hear how they were trying to catch up because they weren’t collecting enough in parcel taxes, and deflect the question as to why there has been no planning to proceed with the VIHA requirements.  Always counting on KIP.

At 4:30 the number of connections Union Bay can authorize is mentioned.

At the 8:45 point the new Fire Chief is introduced after a 2 month search.

At 24:30 point VIHA mentioned regarding the deadline of 2015 (now extended to Aug. 2018).  And we’re still stuck in limbo after all this time.

At 26:00 point questions and answers read out – many regarding the issue of water.  Listen to what is stated regarding how this board would not continue to provide development permits for houses to provide water we don’t have.  “It’s not going to be at the risk of existing  landowners”  Isn’t that exactly what they did by negotiating 500 water hookups mere months later?

At 33:00 point a person asks why 2 people are required to read the water meters.  Risk factor. 🙂

At 34:00 point claims are made regarding the CVRD staff not concerned about the water connection at Royston as an example of how things have gone downhill now that the Royston Improvement dissolved and transferred to the Regional District.  Emphasized “they really don’t care”.

At 36:00 point those attending were advised the reason the plan presented in 2009 to build a new fire hall was turned down due to the increased cost of building a fire hall attached to the school building instead of a cheaper freestanding model.  Financial whizzes.

At 42:35  point the new Fire Chief is praised again and will be of assistance planning a new fire hall.

At 41:00 point we are advised of the state of the existing fire hall – stated it would probably fall over in an earthquake.

At 45:00 point a reference is made to the number of connections Union Bay Improvement District is allowed without any change in the system at all.  Very interesting since they seem to have completely forgotten this.

At 49:30 reference is made to the first phase of KIP at Argyle for approximately 100 to 200 houses.  Amnesia.

At 52:00 point it is explained what the tipping point would be to provide water to KIP or Christie or whoever when the maximum hookups are reached for Langley Lake (1045).  Amnesia on this one too.

So, these elected officials stated there would be 100 to 200 water hookups initially negotiated with 34083 Yukon Inc. and obviously are aware of the limit on the number they have the authorization to approve as the figure thrown out was 350 available as 650 presently used and the limit being approximately 1000.  So why did they negotiate 500 hookups which they knew clearly violates our water license?