Posted in Kensington Island Properties aka KIP Costanza, 34083 Yukon Inc., UBID

The New (Old) Water Agreement Being Dredged Up Again – KIP, Union Bay Improvement District and the Regional District

Why do people believe the old agreement was a good agreement?  Those attempting to push it or a clone as acceptable are bizarre.  A new memorandum of understanding that complies with the MDA is what is required.  Throw that piece of shit dead 2011 WIA in the garbage where it was until the leader of the Concerned Citizens declared the developer should be given an extension by hauling out the stinky pig, slapped lipstick on it and tried to pass it off as something appealing.




The developer was given two options – why are these pro kip supporters attempting a third one?   They completely ignored the problems the Administrator brought up when they tried to enact the force majeure clause Nov. 13, 2016.


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