Some of the Crap Spewed by Kensington Island Properties Zealots Website

Screenshots from Jednorog’s goofy website in no particular order because none of it makes sense.  Suckers who were patted on the head and told how smart they were.  Every few years KIP rounds up a new batch of marks to do his bidding.  jednorog’s goofy inaccurate website

union-bay-goofs-voila_capture-2016-10-1_01-23-52_pmgoofs-again-voila_capture-2016-9-9_12-19-9_pmstupidity never ends Voila_Capture 2016-8-16_04-40-41_pmgoofs-response-to-susanna-voila_capture-2016-10-17_10-45-5_amjednorogs-aug-22-voila_capture-2016-8-22_11-3-49_am jednorog-version-of-the-incident-voila_capture-2016-11-4_10-39-48_am lones-campaignbitten-runningted-haraldson-running-for-trustee-voila_capture-2016-10-4_04-9-31_pmunion bay today part 1Voila_Capture 2016-7-18_05-54-41_pm

The one below is a perfect example of a tool.  This is what she published as facts from the June 2016 meeting – they video recorded the meeting and she still fucked it up.  Goofs.

union bay today part 2Voila_Capture 2016-7-18_05-54-11_pm goofs-kip-interview-voila_capture-2016-8-8_02-7-56_pm-copyya-cant-make-this-shit-up-voila_capture-2016-11-9_03-48-57_pmletter-from-hartman-on-union-bay-today-website-part-1-voila_capture-2016-10-13_03-30-50_pmhartman-letter-on-unionbaytoday-website-part-2voila_capture-2016-10-13_03-31-16_pm

And to top it off, this is what she had stapled to poles around the community before she showed up with a sandwich board.  Unbelievable.  Someone give this twit a dictionary.


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