I know it would be easier if I copy and paste but taking a screenshot ensures a claim cannot be made that I edited the text in any way.  What you see is how it appears except for the blacking out of my email address.


I was a Kensington Island Supporter until I received the following email July of 2006, proving that unelected landowners headed by Susan Hargreaves secretly decided if the municipality referendum was successful in Oct. 2006, Langley Lake would be the water source and this mere months after the public hearings in March 2006 where Bob Long of the Regional District assured landowners Langley Lake would not even be considered, was not on the table.  The community supported the project based on the information provided at the information meetings.  Note the VP of KIP was a member of the Residents’ Association.  When I questioned why these people thought they could make a decision regarding the water source, Hargreaves and McVeigh refused to respond and although I paid a membership fee to the Residents’ Association, they never sent anymore updates.  I did receive a response from Ruth McVeigh where she told me to do something anatomically impossible.  Hargreaves carried on the charade as head of the Residents’ Association even after they were no longer in good standing as a non profit as they only filed one annual report in 2007 and yet continued to collect dues from members.  They were finally struck off in Sept. 2010. http://maryreynoldsunionbayblog.blogspot.ca/2011/12/kensington-island-properties-and-union_31.html


Hope Mr. Youngren updates the website soon giving us a new date for the coal hill remediation. Looks like that deadline passed.

kip union bay community websiteVoila_Capture 2016-3-29_12-5-54_pm copyThis is what the KIP website has looked like for months – every page is unreadable – mustn’t be getting many investors as a result.  Half the time the website is down.  http://theunionbaycommunity.com/home/kip-website-screwed-up-voila_capture-2017-1-7_12-21-38_pm