There are elected officials who welcome questions and don’t hide from the very people they represent and then there are those who talk about being transparent and accountable but it’s just not in them and they must do everything possible to hide after elected.

We have three fearful trustees – meeting canceled with no explanation.  These three are in control and this is what they do before they have their third official board meeting?

This video clip is from the May 2016 UBID board meeting discussing the video recording bylaw.   At 4:15 a trustee voices his concerns.

At 6:52 questions from those attending.  Listen to the concern about how much it is costing to accommodate Mary as no one else records and goes on to say there are people who have no interest…….WTF?

First cancel meetings so they don’t have to face the electorate.  Second, find a way to prevent the video recording of any public meetings they actually have.

I must have a terrible memory because I can never remember everything that is stated at these meetings and yet the majority of landowners appear to have excellent recall despite never taking notes or having any documentation with them or ask any questions.  I wish they could answer some of my questions or explain how they can be so confident in the information they have stored in those amazing brains.

Video recording meetings provides an accurate account of what took place and is an important tool in preventing the misinformation spread by those who are sloppy about details like the following which was titled May 2016 meeting but is actually a piss poor account of the June 2016 meeting and is composed as though it is minutes of the meeting.  The very people who were concerned about me recording actually recorded the June 2016 meeting and still got the facts wrong.


union bay today part 2Voila_Capture 2016-7-18_05-54-11_pm

How can anyone put out the misinformation contained in their inaugaral post on their new website? Thanks to Bruce for pointing this one out with the comment below:

More inaccurate info from the UBID Meeting of May 2016 . I dont know who the writer is but are you stupid to write such misleading information. Bylaw264, 3rd paragraph, last sentence,”only the Regional District has authority for approving subdivision developments” Wrong authority meathead it is the Ministry of Transportation that approves subdivision developments.

These are the people you trust with your investment in this community?

Here’s another one: Second paragraph “On the motion to approve this plan, (Webb and Alcock) voted in favour, Peter Jacques voted against and Glen Loxam abstained. With the Board locked in a tie vote, Chair Molstad voted in favour to break the tie and passed the motion.” Bullshit! How can it be a tie vote when 2 voted in favour, 1 abstention and 1 against? Again, here is the actual statement:

This had to be put together by a “challenged” person. Jesus Christ –  get the dates right – at least. If you’re going to quote someone – get it right FFS. How stupid can you be after recording the June meeting and put out this bullshit. Prove to me where the Chair stated: “that the Board did not consider a Trustee as a worthy negotiator and therefore appointed the Administrator to negotiate on their behalf.” And this bullshit: “….the Chair stated that when an agreement is reached, Mr. Kelleher will be asked to review the document before approval”. Where are they getting this information? This did not happen and these tools have no idea what the words accurate, honest, etc. mean.


Here is the exact quote from the Chair at the June 15, 2016 meeting. How stupid are these people who can’t even provide accurate quotes from their own video? Plus, no matter how many times the Chair explains facilitator they still want to use negotiator. The facilitator requested McMahon and UBID Admin to meet with him. Mr. Kelliher is the negotiator hired to represent UBID negotiating (if/when?) a new water deal with Kensington Island Properties.

These folks have shown their ignorance and complete lack of accuracy. Either they are stupid or intentionally misleading landowners. Hard to tell which it is.