Don’t forget tomorrow at 7 pm. for the next episode of the UBID Gong Show.  The agenda is below:

Click to access Agenda%20Pkg%20for%20Mar%2016.pdf

The new Administrator, Martin Gee, certainly provides a wealth of information on the UBID website.

We are being drawn down a path as though there is no plan in place already regarding our water treatment facility.  The previous board had spent years planning and going through the stages to ensure we would meet Island Health’s mandate.  We now have five green trustees and a green Administrator who don’t really know what’s already been done.  All the files are there but how do they know what to look for if these people don’t have experience and are unaware of what stages have already been reached and paid for?

Let’s not duplicate what has already been accomplished.  We have three pro KIP trustees who think we are starting at scratch because they can’t be bothered to find out and rely on whatever KIP tells them.  These fools don’t have a plan other than to follow their saviour.

Check back as the video of the Gong Show will be posted after the meeting tomorrow night.

Also, stay tuned for election information.