A fellow landowner wrote a letter to the board asking under what authority Jacques shut down the December 2016 meeting.

These are pages 49, 50, 51 and 52 of the Agenda from the March UBID meeting.  Please note the response the landowner received where Jacques states:

“Quite frankly, it is apparent to me that any answer that I could give you would not be one you would agree with.”

and this:

“You will recieve no further comment from this email address.”

The landowner then sent the email below and has yet to receive a response.  It appears the chair decides who deserves answers and who doesn’t.  No more answers for her until their term is up.  Democracy Union Bay style.


Here’s Jacques answer to the landowner who had to attend the meeting to ask her questions again.

If the chair is supposed to control the meeting why does he allow Bitten to suddenly assume the role of chair out of the blue?  This chair never has control of the meetings – he allows the other pro KIP trustees to speak whenever the mood strikes them and yet had a fucking hissy fit when Trustee Kaljur respectfully tried to correct him at the December 2016 meeting.  Instead, he assumed the role of judge and determined she was out of order and was going to be ejected.  Since when is this acceptable?  Why couldn’t he have stated that she would have a turn to speak if he felt she was interrupting – his response was that she was out of order and he had no intention of allowing her to speak.  WTF?

Look at this exchange with Loxam who speaks out of turn and ignores the chair, telling trustee Kaljur the reason her name doesn’t appear on the minutes is because she was late.  (1 minute 19 seconds late).  This brainiac figures that’s enough of a reason for him that a trustee’s name is missing from the minutes.  Rude and arrogant.