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The Pro Kensington Island Properties Union Bay Improvement District Trustees Track Record Since July 2016

A vote for Rick Bitten is a vote for the continuation of a dysfunctional embarrassing Board of Trustees and a lack of progress.

Since July 2016 when Trustees Loxam and Jacques assumed the role of “caretaker”, this is everything they have communicated to the landowners of Union Bay.

First, August 10, 2016 the following letter appears in the local papers with incorrect information provided by Loxam who refuses to admit he made a mistake.

Then this.  This is all the information this board has to share with the landowners for the last 8 months?  These people are incompetent.  Are you going to vote for another 3 years of having people make decisions who have no idea what they are doing?  Jacques, Loxam and Bitten all promised to be open, accountable, transparent but can’t answer questions regarding what their plan is – their plan is non existent.

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