All Candidates Meeting APRIL 6,  7 p.m., Union Bay Community Hall

What are the issues facing Union Bay landowners?  Who can you trust to make informed decisions about your investment as a landowner in Union Bay?  Shouldn’t the person holding a position of trust be informed and research to ensure time and money isn’t wasted repeating steps already taken?

We have four candidates for the two vacant Trustee positions.  One of those running has been in the position since Oct. 2016 and made statements declaring he would sit down with someone that could explain the expired 2011 WIA and decide if there were problems with that agreement.  He didn’t bother to read correspondence available to Trustees regarding the expired agreement.

In my opinion, his statements were a repeat of the false information spread by Kensington Island Properties.  This same trustee was so ill informed as to state that it was dangerous for those stating the 2011 WIA was expired.  This same trustee voted to instruct UBID’s legal counsel to enact the Force Majeure Clause allowing Kensington Island Properties to proceed as per the expired 2011 WIA and yet during the discussion of the motion clearly did not understand the very motion he was voting in favour of.  His words and that of the motion were different.  This trustee has had similar problems with other motions and when corrected still doesn’t understand the motion.

There is no moving forward for Union Bay with this attitude by those who want to take a step backwards and have proven they have no idea what their role as trustee actually involves.  Committees don’t appear just because it’s discussed.  Transparency and openness aren’t words just to be thrown around when hoping to get elected.

This guy doesn’t deserve your vote.

NOTE:  Received feedback the text was hard to read on the video – replaced with this:

The condensed November UBID meeting:

Trustee Elliott attempts to have Loxam amend his motion to reflect what Loxam is verbally stating but he refuses.