All Candidates Meeting APRIL 6,  7 pm. Union Bay Community Hall

NOPE!  I predicted they wouldn’t show at the All Candidates Meeting Oct. 19, 2016, and they proved me right.  They showed up to hand out their leaflets but refused to take their seats at the table and instead caused a commotion because they couldn’t face the electorate and answer questions.

They can’t participate because they simply don’t understand the issues.  Neither is any wiser than they were at their own Oct. 17, 2016 candidates meeting.  Haraldson claimed the pressure reducing valves cost $500,000. a piece and claimed the land purchased for the permanent water facility was a swamp.  All bullshit.

Bitten refuses to consider anything other than what the developer is offering.  Bitten kept saying “what is the alternative?”  The answer is a permanent facility owned by UBID on suitable land owned by UBID.  Why is that so hard to imagine?  The previous board had a well planned process in place and were acting on it.  Since Jacques, Loxam and Bitten have been elected, they have completely stopped any progress toward that goal.

You can’t trust someone to make good decisions if they don’t know the facts.

They don’t want any record of what they promise and state.  What are they afraid of?