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The community was advised by the Union Bay Board of Trustees when the 2011 Water Infrastructure Agreement with Kensington Island Properties aka 34083 Yukon Inc. expired as of Dec. 31, 2014.

The community has been receiving a steady diet of bullshit starting with the petition in 2015.  We were told the existing board was stonewalling the developer (after the agreement expired), that they were doing things that weren’t transparent, that landowners would be paying $2500. a year for a filtration system if KIP wasn’t granted an extension and on and on.  Now the truth has come out.  We are in good financial shape thanks to the hard work of the previous board who managed to get us out of the financial mess left by the board who approved the flawed 2011 WIA.

Now we hear Bitten state it probably won’t cost us any more than we are already paying.  So all the upheaval including the resignations can be credited to Brian McMahon VP of KIP along with his believers Peter Jacques, Glenn Loxam and Rick Bitten who were the only ones singing the song that the agreement was still in effect.  It was because of Jacques and Loxam’s secret meeting negotiating a deal with McMahon that Carol Molstad, Anne Alcock and Alan Webb resigned.

So now Bitten wants you to vote for him and Ted Haraldson to move the community forward after 8 months of no progress because of the false information.   The reason nothing has been done is precisely because of the Bitten, Jacques and Loxam.  They want to take credit for the plan they are now following which the previous board had put in place.  The very plan they criticized by the board they claimed wasn’t acting in the best interest of the community is the plan they are now using.  

You will note I ask my question twice because Bitten tries to weasel out of why he voted for the expired agreement claiming he was requesting advice – absolute bullshit.  When I ask the question again after Kaljur corrects Bitten he is unable to justify because his support for Kensington Island Properties is biased.  At the Oct. 17, 2016 pro Kip candidates meeting Bitten asked “what’s the alternative?” (to the 2011 WIA) and claimed the agreement was transparent and had been studied 24 hrs a day, seven days a week at the same time claiming he hadn’t made up his mind.

The community has been torn apart because of the false and misleading information put forth in support of resurrecting the old agreement by supporters of Kensington Island Properties who refused to accept the agreement was dead as of Dec. 31, 2014.

It has taken 8 months for the truth to come out and reveal how the community has been intentionally mislead.  Do not vote for candidates who are unable to comprehend the motions before them and also who refuse to admit they made a mistake.

Bitten states near the end of the video that a letter was sent to the developer (Nov. 2016)  advising the agreement was no longer in effect and that it closed the door on UBID’s liability and that the developer never said it was in effect at that point.  Well, it appears only Bitten, Brian McMahon, Peter Jacques and Glenn Loxam along with David Godfrey were the only ones who didn’t know that the door was closed on the liability issue Dec. 31, 2014, and it took Bitten two years to clue in.  Bitten, Loxam and Jacques voted to open the liability door when we were free and clear of the flawed 2011 Water Infrastructure Agreement.  If we had five trustees who thought like these 3, where would we be right now?

If Elliott and Kaljur hadn’t kicked up a fuss and instead went along with Jacques, Bitten and Loxam rubber stamping the old agreement – we would have been sued because the agreement promised water we do not have.  We would have been another Naramata.

Bitten then goes into how $60,000. has been wasted on the MOU and that the board couldn’t even get the wording right.  That $60,000. was spent because of Kensington Island Properties crying to the Provincial Gov’t along with Godfrey and Jacques wanting that lousy agreement extended.

In 2015, Peter Jacques and David Godfrey circulated information and a petition obtaining signatures from Union Bay landowners supporting granting Kensington an extension to the expired 2011 WIA Agreement and that the landowners do not support the funding of a new water treatment system with UBID ratepayer tax dollars……..

Why?  How much was it going to cost?

Note the last paragraph in the following article. It states:

If residents support the UBID water plans, they most likely would have to dole out over $2500 in taxes annual[y] to pay for it.

Go to 3:45 in the video below to see the petition being presented by David Godfrey threatening legal action if the wishes of those who signed the petition are ignored.


Peter Jacques Letter to the editor – Comox Valley Record Nov. 3, 2015.

An ignorant KIP supporter


Audio clips of Mar. 14, 2016, KIP Town Hall Meeting:

KIP’s fantasy version of the December 2015 “negotiation meeting” in Victoria.

Jacques asks about permanent plant:

Chair Carol Molstad:

Landowner tells of her fear of the community:

Trustee Anne Alcock asks when KIP will sit down to negotiate:

Landowner asks if KIP will negotiate a new agreement:

KIP (McMahon asks landowner to name a problem with the 2011 WIA:

Trustee Bruce Livesey asks about the costs of increasing the dam:

This video clip is from April 2, 2016, Peter Jacques’ speech hoping to get elected.  In it he makes the following statements:

However the present board, for whatever reason,  is taking the landowners who use the water system in a direction we do not wish to go.  

and goes on to mention the petition presented to the board in June of 2016, supporting giving KIP an extension to the expired 2011 Water Infrastructure Agreement, to allow KIP to start work on a new water system for the community and then states the following:

So far the board has refused to do this and seems intent at great cost to us in developing their own system. 

“at great cost to us”  wait a second, Rick Bitten just finished telling the community April 6, 2017 that it probably wasn’t going to cost us any more than we’re paying right now and we will OWN THE LAND AND THE FACILITY compared to KIP owning the temporary plant on KIPs land.  This is how Jacques and Loxam got elected.  THINK!

Vote for Susanna Kaljur and Ron Wheatley who clearly understand the importance of accuracy and basing decisions on facts – not heresay.  No more sloppy motions and actions by a gong show of a board.  Let’s clean things up and get back on track following the plan the previous board had devised.  The upheaval in Union Bay over the last 2 years was manufactured by a small group of KIP supporters who clearly didn’t understand the issues.

more to come…..