UBID OFFICE 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Previous Trustees Carol Molstad, Anne Alcock, Bruce Livesey, Alan Webb and Marie Gaudreau inherited a financial nightmare in 2011.  We were just about bankrupt and there was no plan in place for a water filtration system to meet VIHA’s deadline of 2013 by the previous board who relied on KIP’s promises year after year.

The five Trustees listed below in 2011 managed to get us out of the white elephant purchase of the school, put the finances straight and planned for the permanent water treatment facility along with forming functioning committees for the new firehall, finance, etc., and still managed to save $1 million dollars, etc.

Carol Molstad, Anne Alcock, Bruce Livesey, Alan Webb and Marie Gaudreau offered this:

  • A permanent facility owned by UBID on land owned by UBID
  • cost to the landowners probably no more than we’re already paying in parcel taxes.

If you don’t understand anything else – understand this is what Jacques, Bitten and Loxam offered:

  • Jacques, Loxam and Bitten voted in favour of an agreement that gave KIP ownership of the temporary water filtration system on KIP’s leased land.
  • gave KIP Capital Expenditure credits for something we wouldn’t even own until a permanent facility was built and by that time we would have no need for the temporary treatment plant.
  • a facility which would only be satisfactory for 5 to 7 years when we would be facing the same situation again.
  • gave 500 connections which violates our water license
  • opened up the door to be sued by the developer repeating the $5 million dollar mistake by those elected to represent the landowners of Naramata.
  • agreed to specifically exclude any infrastructure related to Langley Lake and the dam
  • Loxam publicly claimed the intent of those who negotiated the agreement meant that the infrastructure would be paid for by the developer.

Susanna Kaljur and Ron Wheatley were both opposed to the above believing it was in the best interest of the developer and not the landowners.  This is why they are so passionate about doing their research and understanding the issues before them.

Don’t vote for the type of behaviour exhibited by Rick Bitten and Ted Haraldson along with Lone Jednorog who believed they had the right to commandeer the meeting to inform those attending the Oct. 19, 2016 meeting that the event was hosted by a “disgusting group”.