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The Pro Kensington Island Properties Union Bay Trustees ‘Alternative Facts’

The trustees are so busy and the work so backed up that they haven’t been able to get the committees going again.  Let’s think back…….isn’t the reason the 3 trustees resigned in July 2016 was due to trustees Loxam and Jacques secretly negotiating a deal with the VP of KIP, Brian McMahon the day after UBID reached a Memorandum of Understanding?  Haven’t these two trustees continued trying to give the developer what he wanted right up until late November 2016 when UBID’s lawyer advised the 2011 WIA was dead?  That’s what they campaigned on – resurrecting that old agreement.  These same trustees canceled the January 2017 meeting even though they claim there is no time to waste as we have deadlines to meet.

The Administrator left because he knew the hillbilly mentality encouraged in Union Bay and was the subject of a threat at the April 2016 AGM.  Add that to the fact he faced three trustees who completely ignored his expertise and treated him like a flunky – my opinion based on what I witnessed at the Dec. 2016 meeting.  Why would anyone stay under those conditions?  He was pretty well driven out.  You can be sure McMahon didn’t like him because Kevin wasn’t stupid.

Isn’t the reason we are so behind is because of these three Pro KIP trustees?  Aren’t they the ones that have thrown a wrench in the works and brought everything to a standstill?  No progress in the last 12 months because these guys wanted to give the developer a sweet deal at the cost to the landowners.  Conflict of Interest.

This is how efficient they are:

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