Union Bay Improvement District – No Information Available This Year

Looks like we have empire builders occupying UBID again.  What are the priorities?

Why bother with a new website instead of providing the landowners with up to date information?

Last approved minutes posted were from November 2016, from a Board who claims transparency.

The new Admin refused to allow video recording at the last meeting and then went on to advise those present that UBID couldn’t suspend/break their own bylaw after doing just that prior to the meeting starting.  Only in Union Bay!

So if I hadn’t provided the information including videos of the meetings – exactly where are landowners expected to get information?

The new Admin wants to hire a collection agency to recover outstanding parcel taxes and water tolls!  The previous Admin had a plan in place to collect these monies – what is the reasoning for hiring a collection agency – the new Admin is uncomfortable with this aspect of his job?

Now instead of an Administrator we have a Chief Administrative Officer – who bestowed this new title?

The new guy needs to spend his time learning his job – not empire building.  He could start by answering correspondence.

The old website was pretty bare bones but at least you could read it.  A new website with the same limited and outdated information.  Another waste of time ‘playing’.

EDIT July 3, 2017.  Looks like the 2017 board meeting minutes are up.  For those of us who actually read these minutes – you will note two of the pdf’s are identical meaning there is a month actually missing.

2017 ubid minutes


the old one:

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