Confirmation Coal Hill Reverted to the Province – Another Kensington Island Properties Promise Goes Poof!

Thanks to Bruce Livesey for this information.

Looks like the golf course is going to shrink by a few spectacular HOLES.  This was the gem of the course.  Look at the diagrams below and then at this edited version of the Gil Hanse promo and you will see which ones have gone poof!

Well Bonnie, it would sure be interesting to know what water treatment plant may be installed!  Does this person know anything about the topography in Union Bay?

Green space?  Does that mean park?  If so, then the access road opposite Jones St. should be the access as the area is landlocked by the itsy bitsy KIP land.  🙂

Wasn’t it March 2016 when McMahon claimed he was given the go ahead in October of 2014?  McMahon’s own words:

So what happened to the go ahead?  Just like the professional Administrator Kevin Douville stated last fall that UBID had never been provided evidence of an agreement being reached.

When are people going to wake up and realize there is never going to be a house built by this developer any time soon?  He must have a sewage treatment facility – according to the Master Development Agreement no septic systems are to be allowed.

Second last paragraph:

“It’s going to cost a lot of money and we’ve budgeted for it,” McMahon said.

Didn’t he tell us that’s why he was held up and couldn’t install the water treatment facility according to the expired 2011 Water Infrastructure Agreement?

Didn’t trustee Loxam want to grant an extension to the expired agreement because the developer had been held up due to an environmental study?

Here’s another example of the pretty pictures Union Bay fell for when this developer showed up with unbelievable promises:

And the letter from Jim Youngren still on KIP’s website claiming remediation by the fall of 2016:


They need to update their website as this one is also toast.

Going to have to redesign that old golf course there Gil!  Watch this for a good laugh!

The area within the red lines indicate the KIP lands minus the small section the province took which appears in the shaded area of the two pictures in the middle of this post.


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