Union Bay Improvement District Board In Camera Meeting Minutes July 27, 2016.

The questions these in camera minutes raise – it’s shocking to see the problems caused by Jacques and Loxam – now we get a glimpse into the antics that caused Trustees Molstad, Alcock and Webb to resign.  Union Bay has been in a mess since the resignations.

It should be noted that Trustees Loxam and Jacques claimed a lengthy discussion took place at the June 6, 2016 in camera meeting regarding the possibility of McMahon offering land (for the permanent water treatment facility) and yet those minutes do not indicate any discussion as described by Loxam.

It makes me wonder why Loxam and Jacques were so anxious to approve those very minutes which they rely on to back up their claim about being given authority by then Chair Carol Molstad when the minutes clearly display no such discussion or authority took place.

Why didn’t they put forth a motion to amend those minutes if their claims were true?  Instead it states:

3.  Approval of Previous Meetings’ Minutes

Motion 2016-07-27-02:  Moved by Jacques and Seconded by Loxam to adopt the minutes of the In-Camera meeting held on June 6th, 2016 as presented.        CARRIED

How anyone can believe the community is better off with this board instead of joining the Regional District must be mentally challenged.

We are in the same position we were a year ago when the three trustees resigned.  Instead of having any trustees with experience/knowledge we have five neophyte trustees and an Administrator with zero government experience and a chip on his shoulder refusing to even consider the thought he might have made a mistake.  We are at the bottom of the barrel.

Note:  These minutes have not been signed and were provided by the Admin to a fellow landowner who submitted an FOI request.

Note: the above claim by Loxam that the request was made to KIP so that UBID had something on file in writing from McMahon.

That’s certainly a different story from the rambling nonsense at the May 2017 meeting about why Loxam and Jacques approached McMahon.  Loxam and Jacques claim they had the authority to act by then Chair Carol Molstad.


NOTE:  the confidential memorandum to the UBID Trustees concerning the CVRD’s letter dated July 20, 2016 to KIP was not included with the minutes in response to the FOI request.

What kind of crap was KIP trying to pull with this guy John Peebles   http://www.drcoell.com ?  This real estate appraiser was provided a SIGNED copy of the  Memorandum of Understanding by VP Brian McMahon prior to July 26, 2016 and yet it is the same document he refused to provide a signed copy to UBID and advising UBID in an email July 27, 2016 of his refusal to sign claiming he wanted the CVRD to complete a legal review.  No government department was provided with a signed copy.

NOTE:  The following screenshot was taken July 18, 2016 on the website owned by Lone Jednorog.  McMahon responds to question as to whether he has ever put in writing the offer of land.  There has never been an offer of land by KIP to UBID until the letter of June 7, 2016 provided by Loxam and Jacques contrary to the numerous times McMahon has made the statement.

NOTE:  The following documents were not included in the minutes provided above by the Admin in the FOI request.

NOTE:  The following resignation letters were not included in the above minutes provided by the UBID Administrator as a result of a landowner’s FOI request – which took 2 months for the Admin to respond when an FOI is required to be responded to within 30 days.  Another thing this Admin is ignorant of.

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