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The Spin Kensington Island Properties aka 34083 Yukon Inc. Used in January 2006 – Check Out the Location of the Permanent Water Treatment Facility

KIP showed up claiming the ability and funds to build a development which would benefit existing Union Bay residents by providing water treatment and the promise of hooking up to a sewage system KIP claimed would be built.   The promises made by this developer seemed too good to be true.

The following pdf is from January 2006 when we were told KIP only wanted to use Langley Lake as a temporary source.  Then at the public hearings in March 2006 we were told Langley Lake wasn’t even being considered as a water source by the Regional District CAO Bob Long.  Well we know what happened next…..

For those of us who keep track, the land purchased by the REAL board in 2016 is the exact piece of property identified by KIP’s own consultant Focus – see the last image.

Focus even provided detailed drawings and yet KIP never provided UBID with any drawings or plans from the signing of the 2011 WIA until it expired Dec. 31, 2014.

So why is KIP so opposed to UBID using the land identified by his own consultant?


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