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The Union Bay Improvement District Bylaw #270 – The Gong Show Continues and Taxpayers Are Footing the Bill

remembrance_day___poppy_day_by_daliscarBig egos – no substance.

Just like I said.  They have put the meeting videos on Youtube which violates their own bylaw they were so quick to change claiming there was cyber bullying and abuse of videos of those meetings – no one named – and demanding copyright protection.

So how much money and time was spent on this bylaw?  Both could have been spent dealing with the workings of the Improvement District not to the whims of some thin skinned individuals who can’t take criticism or learn from their idiotic mistakes at our expense.

Instead of trying to prevent information from reaching the public they could have researched the petition to join the Regional District instead of dismissing the idea simply because they can and of course there is always that good ole KIP influence.

Thanks to the Union Bay Improvement District for providing Youtube and all its users permission to use, distribute, share, etc. copies of their PUBLIC MEETINGS!

Enjoy the madness!



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