Union Bay Improvement District Meeting – Ignorance is Bliss – We Have a Blissful Board!

Audio only.  Will post the video when it’s available from UBID.

Go to the 18:58 mark to listen to Trustee Bitten’s motion and go on to explain we have 4 employees to think about with regards to the option of joining the CVRD.  Again, does this guy ever read or research anything?  Who says these people would lose their jobs?  Everything remains the same except we would not be an “improvement district”.

Why does this trustee not realize the Improvement District Trustees are there to represent the landowners best interests – not to sacrifice that over misplaced and inaccurate concerns about employees who are personal friends losing their jobs.

This is the same guy who told me to research copyright because he had done his – bullshit.  This is the same guy who now admits the bylaw he championed (which caused the Admin to spend time and money since May of 2017 for nothing – when he could have been doing his job) is not what he envisioned and yet allows it to be violated.  This is the same guy who claimed they wanted to do it right – ya dream on.  These guys are ignorant by choice.

To listen to this green Admin who has zero government experience tell the landowners he’s going to decide whether we the landowners of Union Bay are allowed to get the pros and cons of joining the Regional District is laughable.

The same guy who can’t answer any correspondence or questions but just had a 3 week holiday and he hasn’t even been employed a year yet and to say he doesn’t know the job is being very kind.

So he wants us to believe the Ministry is instructing him to concentrate on the water filtration only and not bother with taking advantage of the fact the Regional District would provide the funds to carry out the necessary work for the pros and cons.  I don’t believe it.

So with big projects on the horizon, just how does this guy think he can handle the work load and have the expertise required?  Let me guess – he’ll want to hire more staff – empire building again like it was pre April 2011.

When is this Admin going to be trained?

We’re being fed bullshit folks!

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