Posted in coal hill, Kensington Island Properties aka KIP Costanza, 34083 Yukon Inc.

Is the Sewage System Planned for Union Bay Estates aka Kensington Island Properties, 34083 Yukon Inc. Based on Dubai’s Model ?

The new Union Bay Estates adjacent to one of the top twenty toxic sites in B.C.  Quite the selling feature.  Is KIP planning a mini Dubai?  On the bright side there would be lots of jobs for truckers.

Are people dumb enough to believe the toxicity suddenly stops at Washer Creek?  Both sides of Washer Creek have the same material along the shoreline – black.  The first phase couldn’t be any closer to the toxic site without being right on top of it.  Although, remember when KIP had actually planned on building homes on the toxic site?  Ya, I trust KIP’s judgment.

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