Union Bay Improvement District can’t answer financial questions at the Annual General Meeting – here’s the signed financials from 2017

An Annual General Meeting April 19, 2018, with the finances presented to the landowners but the Admin is unable to answer financial questions as he wasn’t prepared and didn’t have figures with him.  Shouldn’t this have been the very meeting with the Admin prepared for these questions?

The information package at the meeting for landowners contained a one page agenda and the financial statements.  No copy of the Chair’s report as he read it from handwritten notes on paper.  No copy of the minutes from the 2017 AGM provided which were approved at the meeting.

Reports read out for Public Works and the Firehall – as far as I can tell there is still no committees – just a chair for each so no input from the community.

See #3 on page 9 of the financials to see how much is outstanding in water tolls and parcel taxes.  This was discussed over a year ago with the Admin wanting to hire a collection agency as he didn’t want to deal with this issue.  The Admin was advised the previous Admin had a policy in place to recover those outstanding accounts.  A year later and now the outstanding tolls have increased almost $20,000. from $54,171 in 2016 to $74,363 in 2017.  When asked, the Admin claims he hasn’t had time!  Why am I paying my bills on time if paying is optional?

This Admin is not qualified for the position he presently holds.

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