Cowardly Union Bay Improvement District Board of Trustees continue to operate in secret – now meetings are quarterly

NO more monthly meetings – only quarterly.  These are the guys who promised open, transparent government with the newest one (Ted Haraldson) getting elected by telling folks “We must ask questions and demand answers.”  The same guy who only allows 1 question per landowner.  Gutless

These guys can’t answer questions and have spent most of their energy trying to figure out ways to avoid being accountable – the solution – reduce the number of meetings.  They already don’t bring correspondence forward at the meetings.  How could there be no correspondence when we are supposedly initiating huge projects?  No correspondence from Island Health or Koer’s in months?  What have they been doing since Oct. 2017 when they signed the agreement with KIP?

Who do you think is directing this board?  Where are they getting their information from?  Who are they lap dogs for?

You get the government you deserve.

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