Continuation of these posts:

Not too many people are aware of the tactics used on those who dare to disagree or actually ask questions of KIP VP, Brian McMahon or the candidates and/or elected individuals of the Union Bay Improvement District.

At the March 2016 public meeting put on by Kensington Island Properties, Rodney Bitten (yes, the same one) decided he didn’t like my questions and could call me a stupid bitch – out of the blue – then deny it when I advised the moderator – David McDowell.  Typical.

The next one I witnessed was after the All Candidates Meeting hosted by Kensington Island Properties spokesperson, David Godfrey, Oct. 17 2016.  After the meeting I went over to Cleve (a candidate) at the front of the hall and Rodney Bitten (yes, the same one) was berating candidate Cleve Goldswain apparently upset stating he used to have respect for Cleve but no longer claiming the questions were rehearsed/planned.  Typical.

The next incident took place 2 days later at the All Candidates Meeting hosted by the Protect Our Water group.

At the time no one was aware of what prompted the ‘incident’ until Lone Jednorog (who was a candidate at the time) posted the following on her website, admitting that she and candidates Rick Bitten and Ted Haraldson had actually planned the ‘incident’.

These people are obviously paranoid!

This is the result of their plans.  The red J is for Lone Jednorog when she appears.

Then newly elected Rick Bitten offers an apology to Lone Jednorog (his partner in the incident) on behalf of the UBID with Chair Peter Jacques claiming that although the All Candidates Meeting was held at the community hall it applies to UBID as the candidates are running for the positions of trustee and he then proceeds to apologize to Lone Jednorog.  Keep this in mind as you read on.  Chair Jacques is proclaiming his jurisdiction over what transpired even though he was NOT present Oct. 19, 2016.

Then in April 2017 another All Candidates Meeting was held with the candidates for Union Bay Improvement District attending.  Scott Fraser (now our MLA) didn’t ask a question but offered information regarding the process of joining the Regional District.

Rodney Bitten (yes, the same one) took exception to Scott Fraser’s comments and approached him and let him know how upset he was that Scott’s comments were not a question.  Typical.

At the November 2017 UBID meeting Lone Jednorog decides she’s going to harass me and follows me around after the meeting taunting me about the (false) police reports made by Rodney Bitten (yes, the same one).  Typical.

At the Feb. 2018 UBID meeting Trustee Loxam’s wife decides she’ll have a go at me at the end of the meeting and tries to get in my face harassing me and wants to know if I’m recording the meeting.  Typical.

Would anyone else get away with the actions of these 2 ******* at UBID meetings?  Typical.

The cowardly UBID trustees refused to allow a letter of complaint from a landowner who wrote about the harassment they suffered from Trustee Rick Bitten and Rodney Bitten (yes, the same one) as they left  Annual General Meeting in April 2018.  It seems the Bittens were upset at the question the landowner asked during the question period.  This is the question.  I suspect the Bittens were furious at the answer provided by Trustee Kaljur but took it out on the landowner.  Typical.

The response the landowner received from Chair Jacques was that he didn’t witness the harassment by Rick Bitten and Rodney Bitten.  Remember how he had a lot to say about the ‘incident’ involving Jednorog, Bitten and Haraldson in spite of the fact he wasn’t even at the meeting?  Suddenly, harassment is okay because Jacques didn’t see it himself.  Typical.

This cowardly board is not allowing landowners letters to be submitted because they don’t want the landowners to know what they are doing.  They can’t answer questions justifying their actions because they are simply puppets and lapdogs for youknowwho and that’s why they are having ‘executive meetings’ and quarterly meetings instead of monthly.  They are cowards.  Typical.