Trustee Kaljur brought this up at a public meeting and was told the water superintendent would provide information regarding the water testing.
Well, that’s not on the agenda for the Sept. 20, 2018 meeting.  The gutless wonders may as well tell everyone to go f*** themselves – they don’t answer to anyone now that they are elected.  Remember, the Public is a distraction, that’s why they are doing everything in secret.

The Union Bay Improvement District’s main responsibility is to ensure safe potable water.  Isn’t that what they have been telling us for the last year?  How important it is to provide safe potable water for landowners.  Then why has the water superintendent, who has been employed for years by UBID and sent on all kinds of courses to make sure he is knowledgable and can be trusted to ensure our water is safe to drink – using the Turbidity Tree that has been obsolete since 2013?

In the last 5 years how many times should there have been a boil water advisory?

Here’s the 2013 Turbidity Tree that has been ignored.

Here are just three months from this superintendent where the NTU’s exceed >1   Dec. 2016, Jan. 2017 and Feb. 2017.

Most of us would be fine but it’s those with compromised immune systems that are at risk when bacteria attaches to particles in the water supply.

Thought you had a touch of the flu?