Cowardly Union Bay Improvement District’s fictional minutes of the June 21, 2018 Meeting

These guys know how they can pull the wool over most of Union Bay landowners eyes.  Most people don’t pay attention.  Go figure…

Here’s a clip of the June 21, 2018 when the admin jumped in during a discussion of the use of an outdated Turbidity Tree (for FIVE YEARS) when deciding if a boil water advisory should be issued.  The admin put forth a motion to have the water superintendent provide the board with a report at the next meeting.  The 2013 Turbidity Tree is at the bottom of this post.

The motion was voted on and passed unanimously and yet it is not in the minutes.

Who gave the admin the authority to call ‘point of order’ and ask for a vote on a motion brought by him?  When was he elected?  What was the ‘point of order’?

Not a word provided by the water superintendent and an outright refusal to answer questions regarding it.  I submitted questions asking and I know others have – they just ignore.  Poof – no mention of it in the official signed meeting minutes from June 21, 2018.

The following clip starts as Loxam is reading the Public Works Report submitted by the water superintendent and then Kaljur is recognized by the chair and she brings up the Turbidity Tree being outdated.  The board votes on the motion – where is it?

Here are the fictionalized minutes brought to you by this cowardly group.  You are being lied to and seem to be content with that.

Look at just these three Public Works Report submitted by the Water Superintendent in charge of the health and safety of the water we consume with reports of above the >.1 threshold and yet it was acceptable because he was using a previous Turbidity Tree prior to April 2013.  FIVE YEARS!  And to make it worse the board is refusing to answer questions about this unacceptable habit.

Funny, Haraldson ran on this bs:  “We must ask questions and demand answers”.



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