Dysfunctional Union Bay Improvement District Trustees on full display Nov. 15, 2018

The video of the Nov. 15, 2018 meeting should be used for training on “How NOT to run a meeting”.  This Chair made all kinds of claims about his knowledge running meetings and Robert’s Rules.  He’s clueless – doesn’t now what ‘point of order’ means.  It’s a circus and they want to blame anyone who objects to their lack of knowledge and experience.

To add to their ignorance, they actually reconvened the meeting after adjourning it at the 12:39 mark, with no explanation when the the video resumes.  So now there are private meetings for those who are told to hang around after the meeting is adjourned for regular folk.

Look at the ridiculous ‘point of order’ brought up by the regular instigator – this guy just can’t shut up at a meeting and the ignorant chair allows these clowns to take over the meetings because he doesn’t know what ‘point of order’ means!  Look how many times this guy speaks out of turn, even turns on the Goat reporter telling him to stop taking pictures.  Who’s been patting him on the head telling him how smart he is???

Then we have this contribution by someone who can hardly put two sentences together hurling personal insults at the only female on this lousy board – and again a useless chair who sits by and lets these bullies go full tilt.


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