Union Bay Trustee introduces her new blog.

 Just received this email from Trustee Susanna Kaljur introducing her new blog.  Since she has  been muzzled by the bullies on this board, preventing her from speaking at meetings, she has found a platform to engage landowners and residents of Union Bay.  

As a landowner and as trustee in Union Bay I have found my voice silenced unfairly and without merit or basis in proper procedure.  I have therefore begun my own blog which I am pleased to introduce today.  This blog represents my opinions which are based on facts, evidence and personal experience.  I am not speaking on behalf of Union Bay Improvement District of which I am an elected Trustee.  I am expressing my own concerns about our drinking water, watershed protection and governance irregularities. All these are matters of  public interest. 

That’s you.  You have the right to be informed.


Susanna Kaljur

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