Why anyone believes these people know what they’re doing is a mystery to me. They couldn’t even follow their own “Emergency Response & Contingency Plan for UBID’s Water Source and Supply System” of November 2018.

This is the page they failed to follow for an entire week. These are the people you believe are making sure the water you consume is safe and yet they have chosen to ignore the 2013 Turbidity Tree for 5 years and if it wasn’t for Trustee Susanna Kaljur, they would have continued. The risk isn’t to those of us who are relatively healthy, it’s to protect those who have compromised immune systems including the very young and very old.

They have been aware of the 2013 Turbidity Tree according to Trustee Susanna Kaljur who has confirmed it was discussed at numerous meetings with Island Health with the Water Superintendent present – so why have they been screwing up and hiding it? Kaljur’s blog is at: https://unionbay.news.blog