Received the following informative email and amazing video. Well worth the watch.

Hi All,

If you’ve not seen this….   Folks on Hornby & Denman have launched a campaign to close the herring fishery.   They’ve produced a petition, and a great video.

Among other things, the video includes an important link to salmon farming – a large % of the catch is turned into food for fish farms. 

– Alice

The Petition:

...the last herring population Pacific Coast (the little fish whose spawning here in early March kickstarts everything) is in critical danger.
 ... sign the petition "MP Jonathan Wilkinson, Minister, Fisheries and Oceans Canada: Say NO to Pacific Herring Roe Fishery".   You can help by adding your name.
You can read more and sign the petition here:
 And, please forward to others so we can actually speak with a loud and clear voice.

The video: 

Please take the time to have a look and send it along to friends.

The Roe fishery takes the biggest and the best herring just before they

spawn.  Each female carries 50,000 eggs +/- so each female the fishery

removes is a potential 50,000 baby herring.

( “If we killed a chicken every time we wanted an egg pretty soon we

wouldn’t have any chickens” )