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Union Bay gutless wonders

Trustee Kaljur should tell them to take a hike.  This ‘suspension’ is bullshit.  Under what bylaw/statute/rule are they basing this so called ‘suspension’.  Just like everything else they do – just make up rules and vote believing they can do whatever they want as long as they vote.

Did you notice this gutless board had a Committee of the Whole meeting Jan. 10, 2019, and didn’t advise Trustee Kaljur of the meeting?  They intentionally did not inform her to allow her the opportunity to address the allegations in person and have it recorded in the minutes.  No, the gutless wonders are terrified of this woman and didn’t have the backbone to face her.

They cherry pick what rules they abide by.  The Administrator, who is supposed to be objective, obviously took part in keeping information from a duly elected official by not providing information that is sent to all other trustees.  Again, this Administrator has proven to be unqualified for the position.  How many times has he kept information from Kaljur that was sent to all the other trustees?  The job isn’t to be a flunky to certain board members.

According to them, everyone at UBID including the Fire Chief will not attend public meetings because “…it is a very uncontrolled and hostile environment and could lead to violence”.  I want this claim verified by those mentioned – I call bullshit on this.  The only harassment has been dished out by some of these spineless men and their spouses.

How about the complaint from the landowner who was harassed by Bitten after the last AGM in 2018?  How about Bitten, Haraldson, Jednorog at the All Candidates meeting disrupting, pushing and shoving landowners?

These idiots think asking questions is harassment.  They get insulted if you challenge them on their information or request information.

They are unfit because they simply cannot treat everyone equally.  They have always acted as though they only represent those who voted for them – the rest of us are treated like shit.



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