This bylaw is still in effect.  The only revision is from July 2017 regarding video/audio recording.  BTW they have never abided by their own revision as they post the videos on Youtube which you automatically give up copyright- wasn’t that why they changed the bylaw?  It was so they would have copyright to the videos.  Bumbling fools.

So when did they pass a resolution to close the meeting?  Have they even read their own bylaws?  Apparently not.

Read #9

Attendance of Public at Meetings

9.  All regular meetings of the board are open to the public except where the board passes a resolution to close the meeting, or a portion of it, to the public.  The resolution to close a meeting is to state in general terms the reason(s) for closing the meeting.  (Refer to requirements in policy “Closed Meetings”.)

The revision of a section of the bylaw in 2017