The hypocrite who protested with us Jan. 19, 2011, has now become a dictator. Not fit to hold office. Resign!

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Here is a short video clip from Jan. 19, 2011, when the board illegally locked out the electorate from Jan. 2011 through April 2011 when they were turfed out. This Chair is just making things up claiming there is concern violence may erupt at the monthly meetings – closing them to the public against UBID’s own bylaw. Was there a threat of violence in the protest he took part in? Why is he comfortable making this outrageous claim now because some landowners expressed their dissatisfaction with this boards tactics?

How about this admission by Lone Jednorog that the disruption at the All Candidates Meeting Oct. 19, 2016, was planned by her, Ted Haraldson and Rick Bitten.  These three paranoid people planned a disruption at the Union Bay Community Hall.  Lone Jednorog claimed she was assaulted and Rick Bitten actually apologized to Jednorog on behalf of the Union Bay Improvement District for the ‘assault’ at the inaugural meeting the same month, to distract and deflect blame for his part in this disruption.  The thing is – there was never any assault charge laid against the person Jednorog claimed ‘assaulted’ her.  Just more bullshit.

Here is a video clip of the disruption.  The Moderator had asked all candidates to take their seats at the table.  I have identified Jednorog with a red J and her husband who allowed his wife to be bait for an altercation so he could jump in like a big shot.  Rick Bitten identified.  Jednorog’s husband:  “You ever touch my wife and it will be the last thing you do”.  Bitten:  “Great meeting guys, shows what you are”.  Can you hear anything in this video to back up her wild claims about the landowner ‘screeching’ inches from her face, and Bitten repeatedly saying “Let her go… she’s a woman..let her go?  Nope – didn’t think so.  And the current Chair/Dictator took part whole heartedly.  Paranoid and truth challenged hypocrites.

This is Canada. We are free to express our dissent. If our elected officials gang up and make rules and regulations to prevent another elected official from participating/receiving documents/information this is no longer a democracy. Haven’t we all been told the only remedy is at the ballot booth?

Now we have thugs hijacking our votes because they are afraid of a woman who has the nerve to ask questions on OUR behalf.  Nevertheless, she persisted.

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