Another comment on hypocrite Chair of Union Bay Improvement District

Received the following from an interested individual:

Jan. 19, 2019



Is this the same TED HARALDSON that took part in the demonstration at the UBID office [OLD SCHOOL] in 2011 when land owners where barred from attending board meetings? It is, and what a hypocrite he has become. Instead of being a T.A.G. lackey look at him now Chairman of the board. Ted has now joined hands with a group calling themselves Union Bay Today and is asleep with the three Amigos and an administrator.

He has been able to suspend the only female trustee from the board, close meetings to the public, delete segments from the video of a board meeting, change the location of meetings to a secret hiding place etc. etc. TED thinks that it’s a privilege for land owners to attend board meetings. According to pre- election literature TED would like to see unity and harmony within the UBID. Ted would never agree to anything that he felt would be a bad decision for the community.

Ted believes in honesty and communication with landowners. Ted believes the board can have different opinions but can work together for positive results. Ted thinks all of us must be well informed and have true facts. Ted says we must ask questions and demand answers. So far Ted has not followed through with any of the above and its time to move forward. PLEASE RESIGN.


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