Look at the cowardly men who hid the location of the Union Bay Improvement District meeting fearing an elected official might show up.

Bloody clueless as to the point of a meeting. One way communication and praise – North Korea?

There’s nothing new here. It’s the same crap at every meeting. These gutless wonders just want to read a few reports, talk when they feel like it, pat themselves on the back, read out letters to cover their ass – and do it all in secret.  No accountability or transparency.  No input or feedback from the landowners they supposedly represent. Where are the committees? Who do these tools get their direction from? Oh, let me guess…

Geezuz. Need a translator for the water report. Remedial class. Also, the boil water advisory signs were not put up Dec. 15, 2018 at the north and south points of Union Bay. Putting notices on mailboxes was not sufficient since it clearly stated in UBID’s own Emergency Response plan signage was to be at both those major points. I can guess why it wasn’t done – bet they had to order the signs because they weren’t prepared. We are being fed a constant diet of bullshit from this board.

Why haven’t they posted the letter sent to Trustee Kaljur advising her she is ‘suspended’ and by what authority they have ‘suspended’ her? There is absolutely no mention on the website.

No mention at this meeting about their undemocratic actions. All is well for them now they have their safe space where no one can question them. Are these grown men or ….? What a disgrace.