New Firehall – $4 Million – cost is fairly reasonable according to UBID trustee

So, borrow up to $4 million for the Water Treatment Plant which will add another $2 million in interest – total $6 Million. That is with a $1.5 Million down payment. Total could be $7.5 Million for the Water Treatment Plant according to what little information we have been given. Don’t forget we haven’t been given any actual figures yet. And, how about the trustee who kept claiming all this was being done without raising the parcel taxes?

AND we know sewer is coming… that’s going to be a huge cost to add onto all of this! Last time the cost was $60 Million for less than a thousand homes.

I added the red font to the document below.

Now you can add another $4 Million for a ‘reasonable’ price. I would guess the Fire Dept. has money towards a firehall. How much will we have to borrow for this expenditure?

Total $11.5 Million dollars for roughly 700 households and this doesn’t even touch any upgrades to our failing infrastructure or anything else. These guys are spending like drunken sailors just like the pre 2011 board did.

This board refused to allow the landowners to information as to the pros and cons of joining the RD where we would be eligible for grants to ease the pain of such costly projects and instead are forcing all of us to bear this burden without any assistance.

Here’s the clip. Notice all 4 trustees minus the one they illegally ‘suspended’.

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