Trustee Kaljur retains Jason Gratl

I don’t want to steal Susanna’s thunder so I’ll wait a bit before posting the letter Jason Gratl sent on behalf of Trustee Susanna Kaljur – Nevertheless, she persisted!

Are you going to vote these idiots back in again when they are clueless about their powers and their limits?

I think the actions of these clowns should be added to my post about the underbelly of Union Bay. This tactic doesn’t get far in Canada.

I love how Minister Selena Robinson has been cc’d on the letter and also David Eby, the Attorney General. Robinson hasn’t shown any interest in the antics these clowns have pulled – maybe now she will pay attention to the clusterf_ _ _ created when the (Liberal) Ministry appointed a facilitator at the request of the VP of KIP and his spokesperson David Godfrey crying about UBID not extending an expired Water Infrastructure Agreement.

Time to clean house and get rid of these idiots who are not interested in learning what needs to be done. They never research, just make stupid statements off the top of their heads.

This is the article where Ted Haraldson defames Trustee Kaljur. I can hardly wait to read the grovelling apology. A lawsuit against him personally because his actions were not allowed as a trustee or Chair.

All four of them are looking at being sued personally because they did not have the authority to remove an elected official. Love this part of Jason’s letter: “It is integral to democracy that a majority of representatives on an elected body cannot remove from office another elected representative. Removing minority political opponents from office is the stuff of lesser systems of government for which no support can be found in our legal tradition.”

Tick tock – they only have until Feb. 15, 2019 at 4 pm.

Can’t say enough good things about Jason Gratl – he is a fantastic lawyer!

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