Typical supporter of the dysfunctional Union Bay Improvement District

This is a perfect example of the supporters of this gong show parading as a government. This person has not attended meetings other than a couple over the last 3 years and that’s being generous. What many great things has this board done? Negotiate 4 acres of land from a developer who promised $17.4 Million in 2006? The old standby line about stopping progress. No one is against progress – we’re against incompetence, poor judgement and a lack of transparency.

Claiming the board is standing up for the rights of Union Bay – is mind boggling considering the board has unlawfully locked out the electorate after unlawfully suspending an elected trustee. Does this person have a grasp on reality? Does this person understand democracy? NO.

How the hell does he come to the conclusion the board is standing up for the rights of Union Bay by cancelling the meetings? It’s a good guess that half the community is just as bright.

The comment below was left on the article linked below.


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