If you want the gong show to continue with elected officials making unlawful decisions – then vote for Loxam and Gable

This is what Loxam is running on. More of the same. So oblivious that he believes he has done a great job. So if you like your trustees breaking their own bylaws and unlawfully locking the electorate out, making financial decisions on what you are going to owe without any say from you as a landowner, then by all means, re elect Loxam.

Re elect the person who took part in meetings that were not legally convened.

Loxam is claiming the water treatment agreement was a great success. Considering he obviously has no experience in negotiating – how do we know if we might have gotten a better agreement for the community using someone who was qualified. Loxam ran claiming they were going to get KIP to pay because the landowners didn’t want to pay – so who’s paying now? These tools didn’t even get a lousy interest free loan from KIP. They sold us out for 4 acres of land and are patting themselves on the back.

If the agreement was such a success, why has it been removed from the UBID website and replaced with a 2 page highlight posted Jan. 16, 2019? Why does UBID want $1275. for maybe a copy of the agreement.

Loxam took part in all the decisions made while they had unlawfully ‘suspended’ Trustee Kaljur including the change of the agreement being posted. Loxam took part in the changes to the election dates which has been a shitshow due to the many mistakes made about dates and locations.

What does it say about someone who resorts to secrecy and unlawful acts when they took an oath to comply with all Bylaws, policies and directives? Why the hell would you vote for someone who continues to break those bylaws?

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