The services provided by the Comox Valley Regional District – becoming a service area of the CVRD makes $en$e.

Union Bay is growing – we simply don’t have the expertise required to deal with major projects. Having a board of trustees made up of ordinary citizens not equipped with the knowledge required as the community grows is going to harm us. We are paying the entire cost of the Water Treatment Plant when we could apply for grants and a lower interest rate which would make a huge difference when we’re talking about borrowing millions to fund a $5.5 Million Water Treatment Plant and another $4 Million for a new Fire Hall.

What would we be losing by becoming a service area?

Becoming a municipality is not the answer as we simply don’t have the tax base and could not fund the services currently provided by the CVRD.

The UBID provides a total of 3 services – water, fire and street lighting. The CVRD provides Area “A” 67 services.

This video clip is from April 24, 2018, at the CVRD boardroom with a presentation by Russel Dyson, CAO of the RD. Mr. Dyson provides important information as to what services are provided.

This link is to the information Dyson spoke about and is the updated version.

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