All Candidates Meeting – so much misinformation. KIP is a “cash cow” according to Gable and Loxam

If ever there was a reason to become a service area of the CVRD – the best one is because this community is so gullible. There’s always a new crop believing KIP is going to be the magic bullet – those of us who have witnessed the endless promises over the years know it will happen when it happens. You can’t count on KIP bailing out Union Bay.

I believe people have the right to hear what their potential elected officials believe and have planned for the future of Union Bay. It was a public meeting and I audio recorded it. Can’t help it – I’m obstreperous.

A mind boggling amount of misinformation from Loxam and Gable. At least Gable has an excuse, she hasn’t been a trustee for the last 3 years. If she doesn’t know the answer she should just state that she doesn’t know instead of coming up with non fact based answers. Loxam is just out to lunch. So much bs shouted at the landowners about what a great job this board has done.

Lots of talk about the oath a trustee takes from the very trustee who has violated the UBID bylaws by locking out the electorate and participated in meetings that were not legally convened.

I screwed up in the text – missing ‘T’ for Trustee. Not processing the video again just to fix that error.

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